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Launch Products Instantly
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In weeks, not months

We provide product design and development for


We help people with exceptional ideas that have the potential to change the way we live and work. We provide new product design and development services in the bay area to help transform those ideas into game changing products.

Get real time project visibility into everything our team is working on

Many companies rely on a vast array of emails, weekly meetings, and phone calls, to communicate a projects progress. Our online customer portal eliminates the ambiguity and work silos that keep clients in the dark!

Clients have 24x7x365 access to their projects.

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Our global collaborative coordinates seamlessly to deliver an amazing launch of your new product. We have broken down the silos to improve collaboration, thus bringing everyone together to make your product a game changing success.

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True and complete transparency into the progression of your project gives you peace of mind and provides real time status updates with unlimited access at your fingertips. Monitoring, without having to ask for updates, enables you to identify and address problems early in the process.

accelerate product design and development results

We blend planning and execution to deliver results faster. The effect of this union is a reduction in rework, improvement in hands-off communication, elimination of unnecessary meetings, and shortened planning time. These attributes ultimately benefit your bottom line.


We're a talented team of always-accountable, always ready, always helpful engineering specialists who are here to support you.

Our advanced business model provides the scalability and nimbleness necessary to support customer needs, whether it be a start-up, a single inventor, or a Fortune 100.

You can consider us part of your extended engineering team to rapidly augment your core teams knowledge.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that people share more with those they trust.

Get to know us and grow your knowledge base.


Our team’s product design and development philosophy is simple.

“Understand user’s needs and create purpose-driven products with meaning that connect users with the technology at both the emotional and functional level”.

Managing product development risk from the start

Every project involves risk; some level of uncertainty exists in a project’s outcome, no matter what the intention. Projects with poorly defined scope and requirements due to conflicting visions present the highest risk. However, much of a project’s development risk can be reduced when discovered early on. We do that with smart requirements.

Smart Requirements are critical to developing a sellable product.

They are the key to better, less expensive and faster product development or procurement. Verifiable Smart Requirements provide you control over your product’s development, preventing excessive revisions throughout the development process, and mitigating risk. The individual requirements of your product lead you where you need to go.

Your initial requirements are critical to developing a sellable product.

Without Smart Requirements, the likelihood of hitting your mark, meeting deadlines or delivering your product to market or your client is greatly reduced.

A brief overview of our early stage approach to new product development

We focus on identifying and managing project risk at the beginning stages through our smart product design and prototyping processes, a process that ferrets out the best ideas, researches and investigates them thoroughly, then boils them down to two to four workable ideas that we test and merge into a marketable prototype for you.

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One of our primary responsibilities to you, our clients, is to ensure you begin with a well-defined road map and a verifiable Smart Prototype prior to moving to the next phase.

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Practicing core values is our way of life. We understand that companies that succeed practice transparency at all levels and operate with the highest level of integrity will achieve longevity. We have an unwavering commitment to our people and projects. As we grow as a company, we will continue to strive to ensure we maintain these values and utilize them with our employees, clients, partners, and anyone with whom we work or play.

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