The U.S. Armed Services mission is first and foremost to value and maintain freedom over oppression and life over death.

Product design and development for the Armed forces

We, at Pro Engineer Portal, design, create, and deliver game changing solutions for the U.S. defense market. In addition, we enhance shareholder (taxpayers) value by maintaining state of the art components, utilizing innovative solutions, while meeting the environmental and ergonomic requirements in the field. We provide the U.S. Armed forces with new product design and prototyping services, incorporating a wide range of methods and materials to ensure adherence to the most stringent requirements for durability, weight, and performance.

There is a global shift occurring. Therefore, Department and Ministries of Defense in western nations are seeking out commercial design firms in an attempt to leverage their ability to introduce emerging technologies quicker and more cost effectively. This practice has decreased the risk of systems being obsolete as a result of continuous rapid growth in technology, which is spurred by Research and Development and Academia focused entities.

Problem solving design requires more than just understanding. It requires intervention. Scientists often describe how the world is, whereas designers describe how the world could be. It stands to reason that design is a principal activity for the Armed Forces, a profession where resources are allocated to solve problems. It is fair to say that design is a core component of day to day operations.

The U.S. military has a competitive edge due to advancements in design and technology. Our combat soldiers carry in excess of 80 pounds of equipment with them to perform their job. We must make sure that all the items they are carrying are durable, will work correctly when needed, can withstand harsh conditions, and are designed with efficiency and safety in mind.

We fully support defense programs and have a long history of collaborating with our partners in the defense market, providing stellar support, dedication, quality, and pace, while maintaining MIL-STDs that meet or exceed their needs. We have the drive, expertise, and knowledge in design and manufacturing. Lastly, we provide program management for the military to ensure products are developed efficiently, quickly, and profitably.

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