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Pro Engineer Portal is committed to helping start-up and emerging companies design, develop, launch, and successfully bring to market new products and technologies that are not only innovative but game changing. We provide expertise in a variety of sectors to include Healthcare, Networking, Industrial Engineering, Storage, Consumer Products, Industrial, Energy and Telecommunications. In collaboration with our clients and partners, we offer concept design services, value added engineering, rapid smart prototyping, and supply chain management strategies.

Dedicated to fulfilling the specific needs of every client, we provide the confidence and security of a top notch global design partner while helping them fuel their success and strive to compete on a global scale.

We have a unique, in depth understanding of the challenges in the global marketplace and present valuable solutions while keeping in mind the importance of cost optimization, scalability, cash conversation, and time-to-market. Our objective is to help innovators realize their full potential in the global market by empowering them with the tools necessary to be successful.

Breakthrough technologies in a range of areas will soon be playing an important role in solving the globes most challenging issues. Energy could be provided to entire communities by use of new generation solar panels and batteries and the use of artificial intelligence that is “socially aware”.

Though critical to solving many issues around the world, technology is not without its share of social and economic risk. It is crucial that shared protocols and norms are developed to ensure these new technologies contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future while serving humanity.

Some of the most promising emerging products and technologies are listed below:

The Internet of Nano Things and Nano Sensors

It has been projected that the Internet of Things will connect over 30 billion devices by 2020. Nano Sensors are among the most exciting areas of focus in this arena today. They can be embedded in building materials or even circulated throughout the human body. Once connected by the Internet of Things, our future will be profoundly affected, forever changing medicine, drug manufacturing, agriculture, and even architecture.

Next Generation Batteries

Energy storage has been the greatest hindrance when it comes to renewable energy, making keeping up with demand a real challenge. Recent advances include zinc and aluminum based batteries, and the use of sodium has made mini-grids possible. These mini-grids can produce reliable, clean, and around the clock energy for entire communities.


By miniaturizing models of human organs to about the size of a thumb drive researchers will be able to study behaviors of biological mechanisms in ways not previously possible. The findings could revolutionize the drug discovery and medical research.

Perovskite Solar Cells

Made of a new photovoltaic material, these solar cells offer 3 groundbreaking improvements over the current silicon solar cell: they can be used nearly anywhere, they are easier to make, and they continue to generate more power with greater efficiency.

Open AI Ecosystem

We are on the cusp of being able to access an unprecedented amount of data. This significant increase in access to data in combination with shared advances in social awareness, algorithms, natural language processing, and smart digital assistants will soon be able to help with an inordinate array of tasks. These tasks may range from tracking ones health and finances to advice on dressing or diet.

Opt Genetics

We have been able to monitor and record brain activity with use of color and light; however, recent advancements allow light to be delivered much deeper into brain tissue. This may very well lead to enhanced treatment for those with brain disorders.

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