Introducing new products and services to new markets can be like jumping onto a moving train- it is hard to do and can result in injury, dismemberment or death- to your bottom line

A brief overview of our early stage approach to new product design and development

Racing to keep up with the speed of business, changing industry, globalization and unending waves of new technology, companies face an increasingly complex, competitive environment. On today’s fast-paced business railway, a novel idea by itself is not enough to let you board the train. Speed and accurate execution (getting the product requirements right) are just as important, if not more so.

Our early stage approach to new product design and development will help you board the bullet train.

Our approach focuses on the crucial steps typically overlooked in the earliest stages of new product design and development

Goal Formulation

The processes of consolidating all information gained from the Client during meetings, operational concepts, previously defined Interfaces and prior experiences into a single proposition is the Goal.

Concept Generation

Once we have a clear goal, we launch a research investigation to seek out similar products and mechanisms to define a clear path and ensure we discover the right mechanisms early in the product development cycle. At this stage, we hunt for solutions and begin to write smart requirements.

Concept Selection

Here, creativity and engineering merge to transform rough ideas into brilliant concepts. We start the process of turning raw ideas into well-defined ones well on the way to becoming reality. Two to four concepts usually suffice to move onto the prototyping phase.

Smart Prototype

Now, the fun begins as we create prototypes and test your design.

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Missing any of these steps spells disaster, resulting in wasted time, energy, resources and, of course, money. Our system works by safeguarding the product development process and has been proven time and again.

These critical initial steps allow us to identify and correct failure points in the foundation prior to our clients proceeding to the next level, thereby ensuring successful product development.

medical device product development steps for success chart

Silicon Valley medical product development process chart for game changers

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