Welcome to the next era of connectivity… Once all our task are automated, what do humans do everyday?

We come back to Innovation, creativity and Humanity.

We come back to Innovation, creativity and Humanity

We focus on Internet of Things (IoT) - enabled Smart Healthcare design and development solutions.

We help companies realize the benefits of IoT, and we provide the product design and development expertise to keep you in the game.

With decades of experience collaborating with leading companies around the world, we have the expertise to support companies in every industry. We provide engineering solutions, strategy, design, and R&D services in a wide array of arenas. In addition, we help our clients and partners stay ahead of the game by lending our expertise in connecting products with IoT systems and mission critical apps.

Connectivity is the way of the future, and IoT is changing the face of business across industries from consumer products to patient care. Everyone stands to benefit as we move toward a society where all your personal electronics, records, medical information, and more can be accessed and synced via the IoT.

In healthcare, we are seeing significant changes with the increase of mobile medical applications and wearable devices which allow patients and providers to track and capture health information. Hospitals are already using IoT to locate medical devices, patients, and personnel. New applications are popping up daily in the healthcare industry with sensors helping providers better diagnose, monitor, and treat patients. While this currently consists mostly of wearables that track patient data it is quickly becoming clear that in the very near future it will be used to monitor patient adherence, optimize healthcare delivery, and significantly boost the effectiveness of hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices around the globe.

Chronic Disease Management

The Internet of Things is being used to gather data about a patient’s habits, behaviors, and physiological conditions, thus enabling providers to customize treatments for each individual patient. Using IoT to manage chronic diseases will inevitably shed light on ways treatment processes can be improved.

Remote Clinical Monitoring

Use of remote monitoring through IoT applications allows doctors to track their patients’ health at all times. These applications are quite effective in emergency situations as well as aiding in quick course correction when treatments are not as effective as they should be.

Wellness & Preventive Care

When used in conjunction with sensor based wearable technology, the Internet of Things will revolutionize the healthcare industry. People will be able to monitor and supervise their own health conditions and even use preventative measures to avoid illness or disease before they are present. We want to help you design the next generation insulin pumps, implantable medical devices, defibrillators, pacemakers and other great products with wireless capabilities that will appeal to healthcare providers looking to IoT to monitor their patients.

Internet of Things (IoT) - enabled Smart Healthcare design and development solutions

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