We design with the user in mind at every step of the process as we design and develop HealthCare Products.

Medical Device UI/UX Design and Development

Our core team and partners possess UI/UX expertise in small-screen medical device UI design, UI/UX development for diagnostic instruments, advanced medical equipment. The bottom line is even if your equipment is the most efficient on the market, if the user interface is complicated and difficult to use, the end user will likely never come to understand the benefits of the device. We, at Pro Engineer Portal, recognize this and leverage our experience in creating intuitive user interfaces for all products to deliver the ultimate user experience.

Iterative Feedback of Software Constraints

We know that UX and SE development must be in sync. We have developed a repetitive synchronization process that integrates the User experience development cycle with the software development cycle.

This synchronistical organization of the environment allows for optimal communication, coordination and highlights the strengths of both the SE and UX roles.

Establishing this level of synchronization makes us and our partners extremely productive and results in very high throughput. It also means we produce the highest quality products and an optimal user experience within the limits of the technology. In addition, the products that we produce are sometimes more evolutionary than revolutionary in terms of innovation.

We find that products driven by collaboration between UX and SE roles often produce optimal design solutions. These collaborations create a more productive work environment in which UX and SE are mindful of the others constraints, and decisions are made more quickly without endless arguments and debate.

Communication is important between SE and UX roles.

SE and UX teams should be complementary and are essential. These teams should work together from the start, taking on early analysis activities. UX conducts inquiry analysis and informs SE of emerging needs and findings for the product at regular intervals, thus indicating the requirements necessary for the SE role as they implement the UI software component of the system. While often separate, this phase can also be performed as a collaborative effort by the UX and SE teams.

Our UI/UX Designer’s Strengths:

our user experience product design development lifecyle process chart

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