Here, creativity and engineering merge to transform rough ideas into brilliant concepts. We start the process of turning raw ideas into well defined ones well on the way to becoming reality.

New Product design and development concept selection phase

Selecting the right Ideas for new product design and development

Now that we’ve completed Goal Formulation, Investigative Research and Concept Generation and have Smart Requirements in place, our talented design team begins the Selection and Concept Development phase – wherein creativity joins engineering.

Concept Screening – Pre – Selection

Just as important as concept generation, being selective about which of the concepts you will pursue is of utmost importance. Concept screening or pre - selection involves comparing the many ideas generated during the brainstorming phase to the defined need specification. It also entails evaluating how well each will satisfy the need and determining which concept to further develop. Ideas must be organized into related groups to identify possible biases or gaps in the solution. This often leads to a single synergistic solution resulting from combining unique ideas thus allowing us to better address the need. The end result is a few promising concepts to begin the in depth concept selection process.

Concept Selection

Through the creation of Smart Requirements, we have a clear focus on the problem to be solved and have defined a clear direction. Using those smart requirements we can begin the process of whittling down the hundreds of ideas that were generated during the brainstorming sessions and determine what concept to commit to. This is where we often see delays. It is far better to move swiftly and react flexibly, choosing a concept that is directionally correct, than it is to consider many concepts at once. This approach enables us to learn “on the fly”, provide new insights and refine the direction. In contrast, if there’s no commitment, one has no direction.

product design and development concept generation puzzle piece

This phase does require an in depth understanding of the rules for medical device tech innovation. An understanding of the frequently conflicting and delicate interplay between regulatory, intellectual property, reimbursement and differing business models require sound judgment. There is a delicate balance between the cost of time lost due to paralytic analysis and the need for thorough deliberation.

general steps for product design concept selection chart

We always ask, “Is the concept clear and comprehensible?” A good idea speaks for itself and can usually be conveyed in a few scribbles. Less good ideas need elaborate concepts to persuade or even be understood.

Only hard work can turn good ideas into magnificent ones.

Silicon Valley product development prototype chart for inventors

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