We watch trends in the Silicon Valley and around the world closely, anticipating what direction technology will take in the coming months. We design exciting new products keeping these trends in mind.

We Provide Innovative consumer product design and development in the Silicon Valley and around the globe

We are in the business of bringing your ideas to the surface by transforming your game changing ideas into real products to be shared with the world. We understand that designing consumer products requires a blend of technological understanding, and industrial and engineering design for manufacturability. This understanding is applied to every project.

We design innovative products that are defined by their usefulness, beauty and intuitiveness.

In today’s ever changing market, where innovation is in hyper drive, consumer behaviors shift swiftly, and traditional business models are being “turned on their ear”. Consumer industries are being reshaped virtually overnight. The result is a race to design and deliver the next game changing consumer device.

Our team is here to aid companies in developing, launching, and bringing innovative new products and technologies to market on time and on budget. We are fully equipped to meet your needs whether it be global supply chains, cost management, customized design capabilities, logistics supplies, or mitigating risk.

We build our team around your project, collaborating with expert engineers from around the globe to ensure optimal support in the areas specific to your project. Tailoring a team specific to your needs at each stage of the project means we are able to provide enhanced innovation throughout the product development process at every stage of the project. We are more than just a design firm or manufacturing vendor. We are a trusted partner with an extensive network of trusted partners and together we bring a comprehensive portfolio, diversity, global resources, and vast experience to your project.

Great consumer products should be about making life better. Often, they simply result in introducing a new technology or way of interacting with the world.

Extraordinary consumer products are able to multitask while keeping the interface simple to avoid confusing the user.

As consumers, we all expect “cutting edge” products that are reliable and deliver outstanding value. When we create products that meet these needs, we are rewarded with market prestige, brand loyalty, and higher sales.

Industry Trends

Working in technology requires forward thinking and the ability to anticipate the next new exciting product design being developed in the Silicon Valley. Without being able to do so, you’re at a great disadvantage.


Currently, fitness trackers dominate the market, but soon smart watches will challenge their lead. In addition, smart glasses will pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth, offering new ways to use your device’s technology. Also, soon smartphones will pair with t-shirts, which create light shows on them, wowing whoever sees you wearing one. In fact, designers are creating clothing lines with smart technology. Jewelry and accessories are coming into play that store data, providing you with quick access to your needs while remaining gorgeous and functional pieces of your wardrobe.

Smarter Tech for a Happier Home

Home appliances grow smarter every day. Gadgets such as smart lights, speakers and climate control devices work at our fingertips – or from our smartphones or tablets, even when we’re not home. Security cameras, also usable by smartphones and tablets, detect an intruder from a pet or family member easily, notifying authorities of an actual threat. In addition, intelligent refrigerators let you leave notes to one another, use cameras to view items inside without opening them and wasting energy, create shopping lists this way, order food and sometimes watch television.

Drones Coming Our Way

Drones may soon fight wars and deliver online purchases. Consumer drones will appear astounding and offer cutting-edge technology to enhance both image and flight so people can take incredible action photographs, travel at high speeds and view 4K video.

Less Far-Reaching, More Realism

Though new concepts exhilarate, most are trends. The current focus turns radical, outdated ideas into reality rather than presenting new notions. One such example is the hover board made famous in the ‘80s film trilogy, Back to the Future. Though no one’s made one that goes air bound, today’s hover boards are electric scooters – a step in the right direction. They’ll continue evolving until Marty McFly’s version exists because the market and thrill for them exist.

Laptop / Tablet Fusion?

The most sought-after laptops are merging with tablets, becoming lighter, smaller and faster, running with Windows. Sleek, thin, professional and convertible, these fusion products allow portability and ease-of-use for everyday convenience.

Will Connected and Autonomous Cars Ruling the Road be the Next Big Trend?

Will Connected and Autonomous Cars Ruling the Road be the Next Big Trend? Let’s See!

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