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We seek diversity, recruiting only those professionals that are the best in their field. We build a team that specifically meets the needs of your project at each stage of the project.


Concept Generation

We transform ideas into reality through investigative research and smart requirements in the Silicon Valley and around the world.

Concept Selection and Development

This is where creativity and engineering merge, turning rough ideas into brilliant concepts.

Consumer Devices User Interface (UI)

Consumer Electronics

The hottest trends in the Bay Area include wearables, smart tech, drones and Virtual Reality. We watch the trends closely, so that we can anticipate the direction technology will take, helping us jumpstart the design process and create cutting edge game changing products.

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Emerging Technology


We address product design challenges through use of simulations, ensuring individual components work together as designed and expected.

Goal Formulation

Goal Formulation is the first step in our early stage approach and clearly answering the question “What do I need?” which is the first step in formulating a goal.

Handheld Medical Device Design


Human Factors

Product development in California must take into account human factors engineering, or ergonomics. We create convenient, natural, flexible, and easy to use systems and products.

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Integrity is at the core of our value system. We have a responsibility to maintain a level of integrity that honors our clients and every aspect of the project.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Investigative Research

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Minimizing Medical Device Risk

Only one failure is important – that which prevents a device or product from preforming the desired function.

Medical Device Reliability

Patients’ lives count on us for product reliability.

Medical Devices

We design medical devices to satisfy the needs, capabilities, and requirements of users, utilizing goal formulation, concept generation, and smart prototyping.

Medical Devices User Experience UX

Navigating Regulatory

We are a Bay Area medical device design and development firm that conforms to ISO standards.


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Smart Feasibility Prototyping

All product design in San Francisco requires Smart Feasibility Prototyping during the early stages.

Software Design and Development

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We strive to maintain intimate level transparency by sharing personal knowledge throughout every stage of your project.

User Experience

Great user experience is key to success for product development companies in California. When developing a product, we design with the user in mind at every step of the process.

Verification and Validation

We provide Silicon Valley medical device companies verification and validation services.

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As the preeminent Bay Area Product Design and Development firm, we transform ideas into products and products into game-changers which takes more than capital. It requires commitment, focus, energy, agility, experience and insight.

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