“Integrity" means wholeness, completeness or consistency, and for us and the companies we serve, it is essential.

Very few product design companies in the Silicon Valley talk about integrity.

We believe that in our everyday actions and behaviors and in a far-reaching number of professions, integrity boils down to one simple principle, which is as follows:

Every time we cut a corner, drop a detail, overcharge, or fail to admit and correct errors, we erode our integrity.

Derivatives of the term penetrate the vocabulary of many professions. In mathematics, we call whole numbers “integers,” and calculus uses integral equations. Engineers design structural integrity into our buildings, bridges, and airplanes, or their lack of integrity creates catastrophe in the news.

Foundations built on integrity, whether in personal relationships, business relationships, buildings or bridges, remain solid and long-lasting.

People whose work lacks integrity, no matter how large or profitable they become, bring dishonor upon themselves and their professions.

We have a responsibility to maintain a level of integrity that honors us, our clients, the design/product and above all else, God.

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