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Pro Engineer Portal specializes in matching technical solutions to your product goals and requirements. We focus on technological advances in:

The digital world around us is driving widespread connectivity; boundless customization and instant gratification are the driving forces behind markets evolving at an ever increasing pace resulting in cycles significantly decreasing. In some cases those cycles have decreased from years to months while in others, even weeks. New platforms and technologies have caused a disruption in normal processes and increased innovation. In order to be competitive companies must bring innovative products to market more swiftly and steadfastly than in the past.

Our goal is to provide value to your company from Day 1. We do this through global collaboration, our core creative engineering team, manufacturing partners and being transparent. By incorporating a global collaborative work culture, we are able to find quick product design and development solutions in days not months. Visit our why us page to find out a little more about us.

Electrical and Software Solutions

For products requiring embedded electronics and firmware, our goal is to select the technologies best suited for your product and your team. Our team of domain experts knows there are many ways to implement a product feature. And we also know that some solutions will be a better fit for your company, your portfolio, and your team than others. So whether you work with analog control systems, digital power controllers, or an RTOS (Real Time Operating System) on an SoC (System on Chip), we can help your team turn motors and get going. Or if wireless connectivity is needed, we can discuss the tradeoffs between Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular, or a custom RF transceiver tailored to your product and your team.

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Technology is a necessity to maintain a competitive edge

Technology is a necessity in all businesses, whether or not they are considered “technology” companies. It is present in complex systems like security systems, medical devices, office productivity software and computers, as well as simple applications like a cash register program that tracks inventory and daily purchases and children’s toys. Technology is inescapable. It infiltrates every aspect of our daily lives and affects how we play, work and live our lives. Technology has sparked a revolution that will continue to grow for as long as we continue to advance our capabilities. Technology helps organizations build a strong presence and maintain a competitive edge in a world that is becoming more and more technology dependent.

Trends in technology can have an impact on how clients conduct business and can influence a company’s growth. They can also indicate new markets opening up or may even provide new methods; therefore, our knowledge of them can thus provide you with a competitive edge.

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